Why Sell to us

  • We are your problem solvers.

    This is more than just selling your house. This is a solution to a problem that may have caused you loss of sleep or unprecedented stress in your life and a unbearable burden in your life that you wished could just go away on it's own, we know, we understand! It's a problem with an easy fix. We have the solution. Call us today and we'll give you the answer.

  • We Have The Answer!

    You might have received many phone calls from companies that wanted to buy your property and that made you feel uncomfortable and uneasy, that's because they didn't have your best interest at heart. We look to provide you with one thing and one thing alone..... and that's to provide you with a reasonable offer that makes sense and that you're comfortable with.

  • Hassle Free and No Obligation!

    We have the solution to your problem. Period. Let's talk about your property that you may be interested in selling and we will provide you with a reasonable offer. If you feel un-easy or our offer doesn't make sense then we'll go back to the table and try to find the best reasonable offer or you can just walk away! It's just that simple!

Why selling my house to JMS REI SOLUTIONS is the right choice.

Exactly! Why should you sell to us? Well consider these reasons:

1. We will always have your best interest in mind.

2. You will never be pressured into selling your property to us.

3. You will receive an offer that's reasonable to you and that you're comfortable with.

4. Credit- If you've worked hard to maintain a good credit score it will not be harmed or touched with the easy solutions that we have in place. Whether you're in pre-foreclosure or whatever the situation your credit will remain intact.

5. If you choose to sell us your property we will give you as much time needed for you to make the new transition into the new chapter or journey in your life.

- consider these among many other reasons.